Keynote Speaker – Dr. Vishwas Lakkundi

Building the Internet of Things : Key Protocols & Standards


Dr. Vishwas Lakkundi
IoT Specialist & Consultant
Bengaluru, India

Vishwas currently works as IoT Specialist and Consultant based out of Bengaluru. He specializes in standardization, architecture, protocol stacks, device management and information security aspects of Internet of Things. He is an IoT subject matter expert of international repute and is regularly invited as a distinguished speaker at several international and national IoT events.

He has 16 years of applied R&D experience in wireless communications & networking, out of which 6 years in IoT and has conducted several IoT workshops and training sessions for major corporate as well as academic clients. He was awarded the Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship twice by the European Commission and contributed to several European R&D projects in the IoT/M2M/WSN domain.

He is a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of IEEE Internet of Things Community, IEEE Technical Committee on Security & Privacy, IETF DICE/ACE/COSE Working Groups, and IET. He is a member of CISO/TiE Taskforce on IoT Security, Secretary of IEEE Computer Society Bangalore Chapter, Executive Committee Member of IET Bangalore Network and leads its IoT activities in Karnataka State.

He holds a PhD in Wireless Communications (Europe) and MTech & BE in ECE (India).

IoT Session Details

1. Topic​: Building the Internet of Things : Key Protocols & Standards


This talk focuses on the challenges faced by the industry in terms of various protocols, standards and standardization efforts taking place in the Internet of Things. A high-level view of some of the niche standards & protocols and their application areas are discussed. The core IoT protocol building blocks, namely device management using LWM2M, constrained application protocol using CoAP, security using DTLS and IPv6 adaptation using 6LoWPAN are covered. Finally, their implications and future directions are highlighted.The talk also outlines Incedo Inc’s newly setup IoT Practice in brief.

Talk Duration​:1 hour 15 min

2. Demo​: Smart Home IoT Demo

Description​:This demo is designed to show how quickly and easily we can integrate the embedded IoT devices with cloud-based solutions to meet home automation needs. In the demo, we use the MQTT protocol on Mobile/Web app to publish our actuator state. And we employ a WiFi-connected actuator which is based on TI CC3200 LaunchPad acting as a MQTT subscriber to control a bulb and a coffee machine in the home. And MQTT broker is the middle man that holds on to the data that is being published. In this example, we use a publicly available cloud-based MQTT broker.

Demo Duration​:30 min

3. Q&A​:15 min

Key Takeaways​:

At the end of this tech session, participants would get an overview of IoT building blocks in terms of key protocols & standards, related state-of-the-art, some interesting applications, a case study and also witness an interactive demonstration of building a smart connected device in an end-to-end IoT scenario all the way from sensors to the cloud.