About the speaker

Vijay Anand is an Engineering Director in Aricent Technologies and plays an strategic leadership role in R&D by building middleware frameworks / stacks / enablers) for Hi-technology (Hi‐Tech) market segments specifically on automotive-connected car/ connected motorbike, residential-connected home (Home/M2M Gateway), and aerospace -connected Aircra (IFED & Avionics Communication Gateway). In this role, he oversees technology direction and innovation for “Consumer, Automotive, Enterprise and Aerospace" market verticals. He do research acvities that drive the state-of-art in the design of next-generation wireless technologies and along with his group, he builds software products, proof-of-concepts, engage with OEM’s/ODM’s/service providers/operators and publish papers in competive conferences and journals for the research community. He has organized and chaired several technical sessions and gave tutorials talks on “Mobile Device Architecture: Present and Future”, “Digital Living Network Alliance”, “Fixed Mobile Convergence” at various international conferences and symposia - NTMS, NCC 2010, WPMC, CSI, IEEE Wi‐MAX, ICEMC2, AICT & MAP. He is a sought after panelist, keynote speaker, and architect on next generation mobile terminals, automotive and consumer electronic products. He has been involved in several international research projects related to mobile communication, consumer and automotive segments. Vijay has 22+ years of experience and has published, more than 17 research papers, 3 international journals at various wireless international conferences - WTS, WWC, WWRF, IMSAA and COMSWARE and engaged academic Institutions for research projects. He is the author for the “Best - Paper and Outstanding Paper” award winning article at IEEE/International conference. He can be reached at vijay.anand@aricent.com

Tutorial: Emerging Trends and Challenges of Connected Cars

The internet of things, smart phones and other technological advancements have altered the way we relate to our car such that the users can remain connected to the outside world and be thoroughly entertained even on the move. The most exciting innovations we have seen in over a century of automotive development is the *Connected Car* which forms part of the global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market that brings the power of connectivity to the car, incredible opportunities for the consumers, the automotive industry and the mobile industry. The technology defined as a vehicle which uses mechatronics, telematics and artificial intelligence technologies to interact with the environment to provide greater safety, comfort, entertainment and, importantly, a “connected-life” experience. In essence, the car, becomes an information hub on the connection information highway (i.e., the mobile Internet), with built-in intelligence to conform to user needs and circumstances. Industry-level consortia (e.g.,Car Connecvity Consorum, GENIVI, etc.) and various research universies are defining standards, open platforms and common methodologies, as well as providing core research on several driving elements, such as autonomous driving (e.g., Google Car), automotive mobile apps, electric vehicles, advanced telematics, etc. Industry forecasts are impossible to ignore. By 2022 there will be 1.8 billion automotive M2M connections. This will comprise 700 million Connected Cars and 1.1 billion after market devices for services such as navigation, usage-based insurance (telematics), Vehicle Connectivity (V-2-X), ADAS, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and In-vehicle infotainment (IVI). Today’s consumers expect to stay connected wherever they are, while at home or on the road, and Connected Car market empowers OEM’s/Tier-1’s/Network providers to meet this demand. This is a huge opportunity for equipment manufacturers to help service providers of the connected world to realize cost-savings and generate new revenue streams while helping to evolve the Connected Car technology with innovative services and offerings. This talk will address several future research and directions on Connected Car and networking.

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